SOE Declares War on Planetside 2 Cheaters, Ready for Massive Bans

The team has specific means of detecting all aimbot users

Sony Online Entertainment is taking a tough stance on all those who are willing to cheat in order to get ahead in the recently launched Planetside 2, with all options evaluated when it comes to taking them out of the world of the MMO.

John Smedley, who is the leader of SOE, has taken to the forums to state, “Those of you using aimbots are being hunted down and banned. Remember to use /report. People are being banned left and right.”

He then adds, “We have guys who's purpose in life is to ban the bad guys and dumbasses that use hacking tools.”

The company executive has not provided numbers to detail how many bans for Planetside 2 have been issued so far or how spread the hacking is in the MMO.

It seems that Sony Online Entertainment has been careful to create tools that can detect cheaters during the development process for Planetside 2 and the company is careful to preserve their secrecy in order to keep them effective for as long as possible.

John Smedley talked about one specific ban case, for a player called Haruhi.

Apparently, he used an aimbot and three accounts to maximize his impact in Planetside 2 and SOE banned all of them.

Haruhi still has the options of creating another account and the SOE leader encourages him to actually get good at the game before entering the world of the MMO again.

Planetside 2 is a free-to-play game that uses first-person shooter mechanics and allows players to create a customized soldier and then join one of the three factions that tries to control the planet of Auraxis.

The game relies heavily on cooperation and team communication and SOE is keen to keep the experience as competitive as possible, giving minimal advantages to those who pay a monthly subscription.

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