SNL Opens with Tribute for Sandy Hook School Victims

Children’s choir sings “Silent Night” for the 20 “little angels” killed

Late last week, tragedy struck Newtown, Connecticut, after a 20-year-old man opened fire at the Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 20 children and 6 adults, before taking his own life. Saturday Night Live paid tribute to the “little angels” killed.

Check out the video above to see it.

Instead of the usual opening sketch, SNL opened with a live rendition of “Silent Night,” as sung by a children’s choir.

The refrain “Sleep in heavenly peace” was all the more poignant considering that the 20 children shot and killed are now being referred to as “little angels.”

On Sunday’s vigil in Newtown, President Barack Obama pointed out that such tragedies must be prevented from ever occurring, vouching he would do everything in his power to do just that.

His full speech on the occasion can be seen here.

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