SEC Employees Take Unencrypted Work Computers to Black Hat Conference Reuters

A large amount of money was spent to ensure that no data was compromised

Some employees of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Trading and Markets Division have failed to encrypt their computers, despite the fact that they contain highly sensitive information. Furthermore, according to reports, they have even taken the devices to the Black Hat security conference.

Reuters informs that the incident forced the agency to spend more than $200,000 (156,000 EUR) to find out if any of the data stored on the devices in question had been compromised.

Fortunately, the investigators found no evidence that data information was retrieved from the machines.

SEC has also notified all the exchanges that might have been affected.

New York Stock Exchange representatives stated their disappointment. They’re currently working with the agency to establish the full extent of the incident.

Disciplinary actions against the individuals responsible for exposing the sensitive information have been initiated.

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