SCDOR More Concerned with Blocking Websites Than Hackers, Former Manager Says

Scott Shealy worked at the agency until September 2011

The South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) was an easy target for hackers, according to Scott Shealy, who worked for the department as an Internet security manager until September 2011.

Shealy, who now works as an IT infrastructure engineer in the Judicial Department, was tasked by his superiors to block social networking and gambling websites from being accessed by staff members, instead of making sure that the DOR’s systems were properly secured, WISTV reports.

Furthermore, the former IT manager claims that he even suggested that data encryption and network monitoring systems should be put in place, but he was ignored.

After he left, his position was filled in by existing staffers who he says were already over-tasked. His position was advertised only several months after he had left the agency.

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