SAMA Intros 370W "Black Charm" Power Supply

Unfortunately, though the essentials were disclosed, the price is unknown

There is a new power supply up for grabs, or there will be as soon as Chinese company SAMA gets around to sending it out.

It won't be free of course, but it probably won't be too expensive either, given the low wattage.

Still, the so-called “Black Charm” 370W PSU has its perks, like an efficiency of over 80%.

Alas, there is no 80 Plus certification, so you'll have to take the company's word for it on this one.

Anyway, the newcomer has a dual-12V rail design and should be able to output 340 of the maximum number of Watts. Furthermore, a 120 mm Yate Loon fan chills it.

Finally, SAMA gave the PSU a 60 cm-long 24-pin ATX connector (for the motherboard) and 70 cm-long 4+4 pin ATX/EPS connectors, among other things.

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