SAG Awards 2013: Claire Danes Wins for “Homeland”

Brand Spanx-ing new mom thanks entire cast for her win in emotional speech

Claire Danes won Best Female Actor in a Drama Series for “Homeland” at last night’s SAG Awards 2013 and, by her somehow rambling (but nonetheless endearing) speech, she wasn’t really expecting to win.

Check out the video above for her speech in full.

Claire made it a point to say that her win wasn’t just hers, because her work was the result of a collaboration that involved more people than viewers at home would ever know.

So, she made sure they were all mentioned in her speech, even if that meant calling out her husband and son only at the end, when she was already one foot off the stage.

Also at the awards show, Claire spoke to reporters about how it’s like to be a Spanx-ing new mom.

“All that time on the [breast] is starting to result in growth. He's getting rolls... thank goodness they've arrived. He's starting to smile a little bit and he kind of knows I exist. That's reassuring, that feedback is amazing,” she said.

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