SAG Awards 2013: Anne Hathaway Turns On the Waterworks

Actress gets emotional for winning, during acceptance speech

Anne Hathaway must know that she’s the favorite for Best Supporting Actress this year on the awards circuit but winning still leaves her shocked enough to be struggling for words – as was the case at last night’s SAG Awards 2013.

Above is her acceptance speech: as I already informed you, Anne won Best Female Actress in a Supporting Role for “Les Miserables.”

Looking as stunning as always, Anne turned on the waterworks a bit, thanked all her people for her win and then the two amazing casts she was fortunate enough to work on her most recent 2 films, “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Les Miserables.”

I don’t know about you, but I have real soft spot for Anne. Those of you thinking she’s been too dramatic and rehearsed in her acceptance speech (as many say she was online), make yourselves heard in the comments section below.

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