Rygel 0.18.2 Fixes Numerous Bugs

This is a maintenance release for the stable 0.18.x branch

The developers behind the Rygel home media solution (UPnP AV MediaServer) for the GNOME desktop environment, announced the immediate availability for download of the second stable release for the 0.18.x branch.

Rygel 0.18.2 is the second and last maintenance release for Rygel 0.18 and it incorporates numerous fixes, all in order to make Rygel a more stable and reliable release.

Among the changes, we can mention that a warning message has been added to Rygel and it will appear when the user configuration is missing from the standard installation.

A memory leak, related to modified description files, has been fixed, and a C++ reserved keyword has been renamed. The server part of the program received a DIDL_S resource, which is added to a container if it's non-empty.

Rygel 0.18.2 also adds two workarounds, one for peers that don't support HEAD requests, and another one for a Vala code-gen bug, which causes the streaming function to fail on non-Intel architectures.

Moreover, a racy test has been dropped from the GStreamer media engine, as well as some dead code.

A bug related to disappearing child folders in the MediaExport function has been fixed, the half-empty user configuration bug has been fixed, an issue with the autostart file has been fixed, and Rygel now starts correctly after it is enabled in the user interface.

The following bugs have also been repaired in Rygel 0.18.2: 698260, 703281, 698572, 697793 and 648003. The development team wishes to thank to the following people for their contributions to this release: Jens Georg, Stas Solovey, Nirbheek Chauhan and Murray Cumming.

Last but not least, the Russian translation has been updated in this stable release of Rygel, which is part of the upcoming GNOME 3.8.2 desktop environment. More details can be found in the official raw changelog.

Download Rygel 0.18.2 right now from Softpedia.

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