Ryan Gosling Stops by Jimmy Kimmel, Sells Knives – Video

Actor promotes “Gangster Squad,” shares a few funny anecdotes

Ryan Gosling is considered one of the most handsome and talented actors of his generation, an opinion to which I can’t but subscribe. Turns out he’s also an amazing interview – check out his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night.

As some of you may know, Ryan can now be seen on the big screen in “Gangster Squad,” which he’s promoting on the talk show circuit.

On Kimmel the other night, he made a splashing entrance – by trolling Kimmel with some help from Will Ferrell and his brand new show Knife Guys.

The three videos embedded below are of the actual interview, in which Ryan shares a few funny anecdotes, refuses to talk about his status as male hottie, and is pretty awesome overall.

As we speak, fans are raving online about how well-mannered he is as well: check out his entrance on the set and how he doesn’t sit down until Kimmel does (which he apparently does a lot), and how he plays it cool when he reaches out to shake hands with Jimmy but Jimmy is not paying attention, at the end.

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