Russians Targeted with Sochi Olympics-Themed Scams

The scammers are counting on the fact that many hotels are still unfinished

Since a lot of the hotels in Sochi are unfinished, many of those who want to attend the Winter Olympics will probably try to seek the assistance of locals for a place to stay. Scammers are counting on this, so they’ve started sending out emails to Russians.

“We are a group of 6 persons coming to Sochi for the Olympic Games (3 men and 3 women). We are looking for a trustworthy person to transfer 850.000 Euro into his account for hiring a house and prepare many things before we arrive. We all have already our Visa. I will provide more details after your acceptance,” the emails read.

Kaspersky experts have analyzed this scam. They warn that the scammers will probably ask victims to send them a certain amount of money that’s allegedly needed to complete the transfer of the money.

This is basically a classic Nigerian scam, but instead of the wealthy prince or bank executive story, the crooks are relying on a topic that’s currently of interest.

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