Russian Spammers Leverage International Women’s Day to Promote Fake Products

Symantec experts have analyzed the malicious campaign

Similar to all other major holidays, International Women’s Day is also exploited by spammers in an attempt to distribute malware, advertisements for shady products and other threats. Experts from Symantec have already identified a campaign targeting Russian users.

The spam messages, entitled “Лучший подарок на 14 февраля и 8 марта” (Best gift for 14 Feb. and 8 March), advertise fake offers for apparently great deals on Valentine’s Day and International Women’s Day gifts.

Users interested in the flowers, chocolate, restaurants and gift certificates are advised to call an allegedly toll-free number. However, experts warn that the number is “odd.”

Other similar campaigns bear subject lines such as: “Workouts for Women,” “Body and Soul women's weight loss” or “Women try to balance fitness, safety.”

Internauts, from all over the world, not just Russian-speaking countries, are advised to avoid ordering any products advertised in such spam campaigns.

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