Russian “Punisher” Bus Driver Crashes into Cars That Cut Him Off – Video

One driver in Russia has been in over 100 car accidents

Driver Alexei Volkov from the city of Zelenograd, in Russia, has become a local celebrity by “punishing” drivers that cut him off.

As you can see in the video posted above, Volkov slams right into the car in front of him, while driving a city bus.

On his channel, Volkov has posted over 20 similar accidents, all filmed on his dashcam. In total, he has been in over 100 crashes, but documenting them has helped him prove his point on every occasion.

According to Red Hot Russia, none of the passengers on the bus has ever been injured during one of his stunts, nor has he ever been convicted.

“Take my latest accident. What could I do? Swerve to the left in the oncoming traffic or suddenly brake and maybe injure the passengers? In both cases my license would be revoked and I’d have some serious problems,” he explains.

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