Russian Judge Caught on Camera Sleeping During Trial, Resigns

The judge sleeps through the defense lawyer's argumentation, convicts the defendant

Controversy over unruly behavior in court has driven a judge from the Russian town of Blagoveshchensk to resign.

Judge Yevgeny Machine was caught on camera dozing off during a trial that ended in a man being found guilty. More so, he was sleeping through the defense lawyer's argumentation, Christian Post elaborates.

The man accused in the trial has been convicted to 5 years in a work camp by the now infamous “sleeping judge.” Footage of the decision-maker taking a nap in court has circled the web, leaving Russian justice system critics crying out for his dismissal.

After news broke out, a regional panel granted the defendant a retrial due to his first conviction being “unjust.”

“The Judges Qualification Panel accepted Makhno's resignation from his judge's post,” panel member Valentina Pozharskaya says.

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