Russian Gold and Diamond Credit Card Costs $100,000 / €79,000

The card is made of pure gold, and adorned with 26 diamonds

The “Sberbank Visa Infinite” credit card, apparently a real bank product you can get in Russia, costs $100,000 (€79,000), none of which is deposited in your account.

Geekologie describes the card as made of pure gold, and completely useless. This gizmo works just like a credit card, except for the fact that it has 26 diamonds embedded in it, most likely in the ridges that form its intricate design.

$65,000 (€51,000) go in the making of the actual card, while the rest are used to secure clients health insurance, concierge service, lounge access at airports, which they probably already have, and discounts at hotels and restaurants, which they don't need, since they own an actual gold card.

As a bonus, if you buy the card you will receive an iPhone 5, and a card case, which is great value for your $100,000 (€79,000).

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