Russian Ghost Ship Shows Up in Ireland

The ships has been lost at sea for several weeks now

About a month ago, an empty Russian cruise ship went haywire and ended up being lost at sea.

More precisely, the ship drifted off its established path while being transported from Canada to the Dominican Republic, simply because the tug line broke and, before anyone managed to do anything about it, it was already too late to retrieve the ship.

Recent news on this topic says that the cruise ship was spotted at a distance of roughly 1,300 nautical miles off the coast of Ireland.

According to International Business Times, the cruise ship's owner Reza Shoeybi, is now looking into the possibility of teaming up with people in Ireland for the sole purpose of retrieving the ship and sending it to its initial destination, the Caribbean, where the ship would be scrapped.

“I’m trying my best. I’m talking to a few people in Ireland - salvage companies- perhaps to partner up with them and retrieve her,” Reza Shoeybi told members of the press.

Interestingly enough, it was shortly after the ship first went missing that Canadian officials refused to roll out a search for it, on account of its already being in international waters and therefore no longer their responsibility.

“The vessel has drifted into international waters and given current patterns and predominant winds, it is very unlikely that the vessel will re-enter waters under Canadian jurisdiction,” Canadian transportation officials argued at that time.

The Lyubov Orlova, as this ship is named, was built back in 1976, yet its “career” ended about two years ago, when it was agreed upon that the time had come for it to be scrapped.

Needless to say, having a ghost ship sail across international and national waters according to its own traveling agenda is something likely to cause accidents, seeing how it could at one point bump into other ships, offshore installations and even damage marine ecosystems.

Because of this, it would perhaps be best to put aside bureaucracy and retrieve it as soon as possible.

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