Russia’s Deadliest Drug Turns Skin Scaly

Krokodil has caused a stir in the Siberian region in Russia

Krokodil is a homemade drug, the incredible effects of which have been presented in the documentary Krokodil Tears, directed and produced by the VICE company.

The drug has been named Krokodil, or alligator in Russian, because of the dreadful effects it has on the human body. Addicts watch as their skin gets scaly and dry, and eventually rots. It is more powerful and deadlier than heroine, and those using it for even a small amount of time start developing rotting sores on their necks and bodies.

The synthetic opiate is made out of eye drops, caffeine, and gasoline, Gizmodo informs, and the cheap cost of manufacturing makes it the poor man's drug. Krokodil can cost only £2 (€2.5, $3.24).

Most young people in the documentary were offered Krokodil when they were as young as 14. Once they tried it, they couldn't let it go.

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