Russia Goes Green Opening Biggest Li-ion Battery Plant

The giant plant will produce enough batteries to supply a fleet of 5,000 electric buses

A new reason of excitement comes from Russia, a nation planning to green up its infrastructure by opening the largest Li-ion battery plant all across the Globe.

The announcement has pleased the public, taking into consideration that the new facility, located in Novobirsk, will hire more than 500 people and launch a large quantity of batteries at affordable prices on the market, Clean Technica informs.

The Liotech plant is the result of a partnership established between Thunder Sky, a Chinese company, and RUSNANO, an important Russian state-owned corporation.

The main goal is to produce 500,000 batteries of all sizes on an annual basis. Developers say the annual production would be enough to supply a fleet of 5,000 electric buses.

“In realizing a program to replace imports, we are creating an entire cluster of new high-tech production for materials and components related to the batteries and also an engineering center which is an excellent synergy,” declared RUSNANO Managing Director Sergey Polikarpov.

This achievement could revolutionize transportation, while creating new green jobs and offsetting the alarming amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

Perhaps one of the best news received so far is that the batteries exploited in electric transport could still be used as accumulators to back up the activity of power plants for more than a decade.

Even more spectacular is the fact that developers have succeeded in building the world's biggest li-ion battery plant in only nine months.

The environmental benefits unveiled by developers definitely look good on paper. While combined with renewable power and green technologies, the use of batteries produced by the giant plant could increase Russia's energy efficiency while boosting the national economy.

All in all, due to its unlimited potential, the power plants has already signed a series of agreements with companies eager to experience the benefits it has to offer.

“We are already seeing interest in our storage batteries from Russian Railways, the Moscow Metro, electric power networks and power generating companies, businesses in the military industrial complex, the public utilities sector, and telecommunications companies,” indicated Liotech CEO Alexander Erokhin.

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