Russia Blasts NBC “Siberia” TV Show for Enforcing Stereotypes

New faux reality show premieres, gets people talking

NBC seems to have another hit on its hands with the faux reality show “Siberia,” which is a blend of “Survivor” and “Lost,” as the trailer above will confirm. The only problem is, it’s wrong, The Siberian Times rants, as cited by the Daily Mail.

Though the series has the format of a reality show of the “Survivor” type, it doesn’t leave any room for doubt as to its being fictional.

However, certain local publications, as the one mentioned above, think it’s wrong to have yet another show that enforces stereotypes and / or paints a negative picture of Siberia.

“In reality, this faux-reality show was filmed on the other side of the world, in a Canadian prairie province,” The Siberian Times writes.

“Not that most viewers will realize this as they watch this negatively-slanted portrayal of Siberia. US viewers are conned into believing the action is in Siberia, which is after all the name of the show,” it adds.

“Siberia,” which premieres on July 1, focuses on 16 contestants of a reality show, flown to Siberia to survive a winter there. Whoever makes it to the end of the winter gets to split a money prize.

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