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So far, Runtastic has been known for its health-centric mobile app

If you’re one of those people interested in health, nutrition, and sports, you’re probably familiar with the Runtastic mobile app.

This little piece of software aims to help you track the distance you travel, send you feedback through a voice coach, or deliver an overlook of your previous runs or physical activities. Quite akin to a smart fitness band, isn't it?

Well, Runastic also offers some hardware products of its own, in the form of a GPS watch, heart rate monitor, or digital scale, but now the company is taking the next logical step and is releasing a competitor to the popular Fitbit and Jawbone Up.

And given the popularity of the app, the new Orbit fitness tracker might as well have a chance of succeeding in this budding market.

The device will be sold for a relatively affordable rate ($120 / €90) and brings forth extended functionalities compared to the app, like being able to track how many steps you've taken or monitor sleep patterns.

The fitness tracker can be paired with the Runstic app on your phone, a process that will transform it into an inexpensive GPS watch.

The Runtastic Orbit doesn't bring any atypical features to the table, so it calmly aligns itself with other similar products available on the market today. The device will be able to track your steps, distance traveled, estimate how many calories have been burned, and deliver info about your sleeping cycle.

The Orbit is also waterproof, so you don’t have to take it off while you go for a swim or wash your hands. The Orbit borrows a smartwatch feature, letting you set vibrations for alarms or for when you receive a notification alerting you that you have been idle for too long.

The fitness band has an OLED display and can pair with your phone via Bluetooth. However, you’ll need to have Android 4.3 or later installed on it or iPhone 4s or later.

Runtastic mentions that Orbit’s battery shouldn't necessitate a refill too often, once or twice a week will do the trick.

Orbit’s wristbands are interchangeable and you can choose to buy a 3-pack consisting of items in orange, yellow, pink, green, white, or gray.

Runtastic plans to start shipping the Orbit fitness tracker starting August 11, but the company is currently accepting orders. So, if you feel like you need this waterproof plasticky fitness band in your life, go ahead and pledge one now.


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