Rumors on Microsoft's Project Pink Tablet Still Making the Rounds

Software giant said to be planning two iPhone competitors for 2010

The market for personal computing devices is becoming increasingly interesting, as some of the industry's major players are rumored to be planning devices that allegedly provide customers with a choice for a Tablet-like device. While one of the most speculated products is Apple's much-anticipated Tablet system, the company's first device to adopt this form factor, Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft is also said to be working on a tablet of its own, allegedly part of the rumored Project Pink. On that note, there have been a couple of speculations in the recent weeks, regarding such a device, but also a Microsoft Phone, both of which are said to be what Project Pink is all about.


According to Mary-Jo Foley, in a recent blog post on ZDNet, there are a couple of things that need to be considered when talking about Microsoft's project Pink. One take is that Microsoft will release a Microsoft phone, which won't be manufactured by the software giant, but will feature premium mobile services, considering the Zune video store and music subscription/purchasing model. The phone has apparently been built on top of the Windows Mobile 7 core, which means that it won't be available until sometime in 2010. However, Microsoft is likely to create some buzz on said product and reveal it at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, in 2010, according to a recent article on 9to5Mac.


As for the details regarding Microsoft's foray into the world of tablet systems, it appears that such a project is currently under development, as part something that is known as “Alchemy Ventures,” according to the aforementioned blog post. The Redmond company is likely to be waiting for the Cupertino, California-based Apple to unveil its own tablet design before coming out with its own attempt. The specific details on said Tablet are still a mystery, but it appears that Microsoft is looking for a Senior Program Manager for the Entertainment and Devices Division, a job that could just fit the bill for the aforementioned Tablet device.

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