Rumors Say ASUS Wants to Adopt ARM, ASUS Denies It

The company has no such plans, according to its chief financial officer

VIA would have been in for a real treat if a certain rumor had proved to be true. Alas, it did not, so the company will have to proceed as before.

The rumor we are talking about said that ASUS was thinking of adopting VIA's, or rather WonderMedia's (VIA subsidiary), ARM-based processor platform for entry-level devices.

The rumor made VIA's stock price rise by 7% yesterday (December 10), and also opened the door for speculation about what new tablets ASUS might make.

Alas, ASUS has since refuted those rumors. According to Digitimes, Asustek Computer CFO David Chang said there were no such plans.

The company may be waiting on Intel to release its 22nm mobile chips before it decides anything. Either way, the absence of such plans doesn't mean that there isn't a chance for such a decision to be made later.

After all, even Advanced Micro Devices has adopted the ARM architecture.

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