Rumor Mill: Xbox 720 Will Be Launched Before Thanksgiving 2013

An announcement will come before E3 2013 or via a dedicated event

Anonymous sources are saying that the next home console from Microsoft, which will use the Xbox brand name, will be launched before Thanksgiving 2013, giving interested players all the time they need to pick it up before Christmas.

GameInformer is quoting sources inside the entertainment division of the company who are said to be familiar with the future plans of the company.

They are also saying that Microsoft has not yet decided on whether to create a special event during the spring of next year in order to reveal the Xbox 720, which is also known by its codename Durango, or whether it will just use the opportunities afforded by the E3 2013 event in Los Angeles in June.

Numerous other inside sources, linked to both Sony and Microsoft, have pointed to late 2013 as the launch period for their next generation of home consoles.

Neither of the two hardware makers has commented on the rumors and they have not offered any sort of official details on their future plans.

Rumors are saying that the Xbox 720 will include a Blu-ray drive, require an always-on Internet connection, will offer an integrated motion tracking system and a dedicated digital distribution service for video games and other content.

So far, the only next-gen device available on the market is the Wii U, which has already been on sale in the United States since November 18 and is also offered today on European markets.

The new Nintendo console delivers more computing power than the original Wii, but the main innovation is the touch screen integrated into the GamePad controller, which is supposed to increase the range of experience that players can engage with.

Nintendo is expecting to sell more than 5.5 million Wii U units before the end of the current fiscal year in March 2013.

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