Rumor Mill: PlayStation 4 Features Gaikai Tech, Costs 400 Dollars (300 Euro)

The new console will also encourage players to socialize with friends

Information from Japanese newspaper sources suggests that the upcoming PlayStation 4 home console from Sony will be launched before the end of 2013 and will feature deep integration of tech from Gaikai.

The translation of the information coming from Gematsu also says that the new device will cost 40,000 Yen, which is the equivalent of about 427 dollars (310 Euro).

The PlayStation 4 is also expected to introduce a number of new social features in order to keep players talking to their friends.

The newspaper also reports that Sony is at the moment working to make sure that it can meet launch demand in the United States and in Japan.

This might mean that the company is preparing a staggered launch for its next-gen consoles, as it did for the PlayStation 3 before.

It’s unclear whether Sony plans to use the technology it has acquired from Gaikai during 2012 in order to offer full streaming for its biggest titles or whether it will just be used for demos and other media content.

The new social network created for the PlayStation 4 is designed to allow players to exchange opinions about the game they are playing at the moment.

The new console project from Sony is codenamed Orbis and Sony has not offered any official information about the device.

A PlayStation Meeting has already been announced for February 20 in New York and the company is suggesting that it will officially reveal its new technology and give information about the launch window.

The move will probably force rival Microsoft to also use a public event to reveal the Xbox 720, currently codenamed Durango, which is also expected to appear before the end of the year.

Recently, Nintendo has revealed that it is expecting lower than predicted sales for its own Wii U next-gen console, which was launched in late 2012.

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