Rumor Mill: Nintendo Creates Unified Integrated Development Division

Company wants more interaction between 3DS and Wii U

A new report says that video game hardware creator and publisher Nintendo has undertaken its first major restructuring since 2004 and has unified its Research and Development projects into a new entity called the Integrated Development Division.

The information from Inside Games says that Nintendo aims to have all its hardware development teams working under the same roof in order to have better coordination for future projects.

Nintendo also wants to optimize the development process by increasing the shared expertise and the skills across teams.

The new Integrated Development Division also means that future hardware platforms from the company will be easier to connect to one another.

It seems that the new entity will be made up of about 1,200 people and that they will all work in a new building in the Kyoto Nintendo site.

The re-organization is a direct result of recommendations made by Satoru Iwata, the president and the chief executive officer of Nintendo, in the fall of last year.

The company’s wide review was conducted because Nintendo has posted a yearly loss for the first time since it went into business.

The financial red ink was linked to the worse than expected initial performance of the 3DS handheld, which was launched during 2011.

The company might see another loss at the end of March 31 of this year, when the company evaluates the performance of the new Wii U home console.

The new Integrated Development Division might first work on bringing together the two core pieces of Nintendo hardware, introducing more ways to connect them in order to enhance the experience of players.

The Nintendo Wii is designed to offer more computing power and encourage innovative game experiences with its new touch screen enabled GamePad.

Sony and Microsoft are expected to launch their own next-gen consoles in the fall of this year.

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