Rumor Mill: Another PSN Attack Coming Soon, Service Might Be Down Again

A source that claims to have access to private communication channels used by hackers has announced that another attack on the PlayStation Network is being planned which might mean that those who play on the PlayStation 3 or plan to get content from the PSN might have problem in the coming days.

The source has talked to CNET and says that the hacker group currently has access to some Sony maintained PSN servers and that they are preparing to attack and mine them for personal information.

It also appears that the hackers are getting ready to publish a part of the information that they get in the upcoming attack in order to further embarrass Sony and special attention will be given to sensitive data like credit card information.

It's not clear whether the attacks might bring PSN down again when they arrive.

Sony has announced that it is currently testing the PlayStation Network, making sure that the extra security measures are up to speed and current plans are to relaunch the PlayStation 3 service before the week is over.

if the newly relaunched PSN is brought down by another attack it could cause more embarassment for Sony and could lead more gamers to bandon its home gaming platform.

The source did not say whether the hacker group that it was watching was built around the activist conglomerate known as Anonymous.

Sony’s problems have begun when a group of hackers lead by George Hotz managed to penetrate the security of the PlayStation 3 home console, with the stated aim of making OtherOS features available again.

The company went after them through legal means, but the public lawsuit garnered attention from activist Internet group Anonymous, which attacked the PSN and other Sony sites.

They stopped their actions when it was clear that innocent gamers had more to lose from PSN outages than Sony did.

Soon after the PSN was taken offline totally and Sony acknowledged the fact that a group of attacker had managed to get personal data, including financial information, on a number of users.

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