Rumor: Crystal Meth Might Someday Cure the Flu

Further investigations are needed, researchers wished to emphasize

Rumor has it that there might come a time when crystal meth doubles as a cure for the flu.

Granted, this piece of news first hit the scientific community quite a while ago (back in November 2012, to be more precise), yet it took some time for it to be given due consideration.

Now that the US has been hardly hit by this sickness and some pharmaceutical companies have reported that they are running out of flu vaccines, it is no wonder that this peculiar idea of curing the flu with the help of meth is beginning to make headlines.

Apparently, a team of scientists working with the National Health Research Institutes in Taiwan and the University of Regensburg in Germany discovered that this frowned upon chemical compound might be efficient in suppressing the replication of the influenza A virus (i.e. the virus responsible for people's becoming sick with the flu).

Needless to say, further research on this topic is needed, especially since these researchers only tested crystal meth's impact on one strain of flu, and all of their work was carried out in a laboratory and not in real-life conditions.

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