Rumer Willis’ New Face – The Result of Plastic Surgery

She grew up in the spotlight, which makes telling what’s changed about her all that easier. Actress Rumer Willis seems to have had a lot of help from cosmetic surgery to make her face look better and more feminine, it has been suggested.

The tabloids and celebrity bloggers had a field day when Rumer first started making public appearance – as cruel as it may sound, they would often pick on her for her massive jaw and disproportionate face.

In recent months, though, Rumer’s facial traits seem more delicate, which has prompted talk of massive surgical interventions to correct that which nature was not so kind with, a post on Make Me Heal suggests.

“Since becoming a name on her own, many have noticed that Rumer’s noticeably large jaw has shortened considerably, most likely due to plastic surgery on her chin and jaw,” the e-zine says.

Moreover, to make the jaw look even smaller, the star may have also gotten some fillers in her lips and her nose made somewhat smaller, to distract attention from the jaw to the upper part of the face.

Plastic surgeon J. David Holcomb, MD of Holcomb Facial Plastic Surgery, who did not treat or ever become acquainted with Rumer, believes that this is exactly the case.

“Rumer Willis appears to have had mandible set-back and vertical shortening, perhaps work on her teeth and upper dental arch, certainly some lip plumping. Difficult to say if any nose re-shaping… subtle if so,” he tells the aforementioned e-zine.

“The jaw procedure involves making cuts in the bony part at the front that comprises the chin with part removed and part set back. Usually some small titanium plates are used to secure the new structure,” Holcomb adds.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer too believes that Rumer has had her face reshaped, which explains why her jaw and chin are no longer as prominent as they were a couple of years back.

“Rumer Willis appears to have had her lower face reshaped including shortening of the length of her chin, and sculpting or shaving the sides of her jaw to give her a more feminine and less broad shape and look. Some injectable fillers to her cheeks may have also added to her more defined look to her cheeks and face,” Salzhauer says.

However, there’s also some chance that Rumer actually grew into her softer and more delicate features, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S. Nassif points out.

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