Rugged Ultra-Compact Keyboard Launched by iKey

Part of the WaterBoard series, it has a laser-etched legend and backlit keys

Normally, just being compact would be enough to set a keyboard apart from all others, but iKey didn't stop at just reducing the size of such a peripheral.

What the company also did was design the WaterBoard SWB-86-TP, as the keyboard is called, with a rugged, sealed frame that can survive accidental spills and vibrations. Cleaning it should be simple as well.

Red LEDs lie behind the keys as well, for nighttime visibility without ruining night vision, something essential when driving, as the keyboard is good for vehicle use.

An integrated touchpad is available as well, since mice and cars don't work well together.

Overall, this is an item that road trip lovers may wish to check out before leaving the garage. Workers in public safety should draw benefits from owning something of this sort as well, especially if they have a tablet of some sort.

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