Rugged Sony Camera Can Be Operated Underwater

Bloggie Sport is protected from more or less anything except severe physical trauma

If you're in the market for a small, tough camera that can go where few dared to go before, the Sony Bloggie Sport may be just the thing for you.

We have to say that the name alone doesn't do the item justice, or at least doesn't comprise its entire worth, so to speak.

After all, “Bloggie Sport” doesn't exactly scream “tough”, “hardy” or “impervious.”

In fact, not even looking at it is enough to figure out just why this item is better than all the rest.

Fortunately, Sony made sure to publish a blog entry about it, and even showed a video rundown of its features.

The Bloggie Sport is, in essence, a rugged photo and video camera, or camcorder as such things are sometimes called.

By rugged we mean that it is capable of surviving through not just drops and hits, but also dusty environments and, most importantly, humid ones.

Of course, “humid” is the understatement of the age: the Bloggie Sport can be totally submerged underwater without any problems.

In fact, Sony fully expects at least some buyers to get the Bloggie Sport wet, so it gave it a touchscreen that works underwater just fine, as long as you don't push it lower than 16 feet (5 meters or so).

Spec-wise, the product can shoot video at 30 frames per second (30 fps) and capture 5.1-megapixel still shots. Its display has a diagonal of 2.7 inches.

The built-in storage is of 4GB, which corresponds to two hours of video or so. Furthermore, the company tossed in an HDMI output, meaning that films can directly be streamed to an HDTV or monitor.

Unfortunately, Sony chose not to say how much money the Bloggie Sport would cost when it finally shipped. We don't know when sales will start either, but we hope it's soon.

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