Taken Offline After Reportedly Being Hacked

Google warned that the website might have been hacked

A few hours ago, Hacker News users noticed that Google warned about possibly being hacked. Shortly after, the website was taken offline.

Interestingly, Google Safe Browsing doesn’t say anything about malware being hosted on Furthermore, the alert in the search results has disappeared. Yet, the website has been down for the past 5 hours or so.

RubyForge is a collaborative software development management system dedicated to Ruby projects. The platform was launched back in 2003. However, it became less popular among programmers after GitHub was launched.

In addition to GitHub, Ruby developers seem to prefer

I’ll update this post if RubyForge provides any clarifications regarding the “hacked” warning and the downtime. In the meantime, it’s worth noting that a couple of servers were hacked in October and set up to serve malware.

The attack on was also discovered after Google issued a warning about the website.

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