Rubber-Face Photobomb Girl Becomes Viral for Ruining Other People's Photos

Kelsey Whyte has become an overnight sensation on Reddit

Kelsey Whyte, a 19-year-old amateur photographer, has risen to what is probably temporary fame on Reddit for ruining people's pictures, with silly faces.

She first became known as "Photobomb Girl" after redditor TheHydroMule posted a link to a slideshow from a local pub.

As you can see in the pictures above and the gallery below, she stands in the back in every picture, lurking in the background and basically ruining the shot by creating rubber-like expressions.

"Photobomb Girl has quite a lot of pictures at our local bar," the user's comment reads.

She attended an interview on Reddit, by user "DrAstronaut," the Daily Dot writes. The interview revealed rubber girl is in fact, quite down to earth, and even thinks of herself as ugly.

"I just wip [sic] out an expression. I have done the same, ugly faces are easier then [sic] nice faces," she says.


Photobomb Girl Worst Poses (3 Images)

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