Royal Penguin Shows Up in New Zealand, 2000 Km Away from Its Home

The penguin is now looked after by the staff at Wellington Zoo

The people working at Wellington Zoo in New Zealand are now busy trying to get a young royal penguin back on its feet. Apparently, the animal simply showed up on a beach in this part of the world this past Sunday.

Seeing how royal penguins are known to call the Macquarie Island in the southwest corner of the Pacific Ocean their home, wildlife researchers were left with no choice except conclude that the animal must have traveled over a distance of roughly 2000 kilometers (about 1243 miles).

Sources report that the people in charge of looking after this penguin have decided to name it Happy Feet junior.

According to Dr. Lisa Argilla, the “junior” in the penguin's name was added because, “He's smaller than Happy Feet was and it's taken much more of a toll on his body.”

Furthermore, “He's in a bad way - severely emaciated, dehydrated causing kidney failure.”

For the time being, veterinarians cannot say for sure whether this juvenile royal penguin will manage to pull through.

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