Royal Bengal Tiger Dies of Multiple Organ Failure

The cat passed away last Saturday night at a zoo in Delhi

This past Saturday, a Royal Bengal tiger living at a zoo in Delhi passed away as a result of multiple organ failure.

Those in charge of looking after it are deeply saddened, especially given the fact that, during its heydays, Naresh was considered to be the zoo's alpha male. This was both because of its impressive figure, and because of its rather aggressive nature.

Although tigers made to live in captivity usually die shortly after they hit the age of 16-18, this particular big cat died while in its 20s, Times of India reports.

As zoo veterinarian Dr N Panneer Selvam explains, “Enfeebled with age, the tiger had developed nodules in the lungs; his heart had excessive fat and both his kidneys had failed. He, however, had managed to outlive the average lifespan of his species.”

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