Roxio to put BoomBox in iPod

And only for $50

Since up until now iPod has been the most popular digital player of the new millennium, it was to be expected that a large range of software applications aimed at allowing the users to better organize their tune collections were to appear. The latest addition to this family is the Boom Box suite, developed by Roxio.

Roxio, sold last year to Sonic Solutions, and a former part of the larger company currently known as Napster, announced last Thursday the launch of a new $50 software package for Mac OS X aimed squarely at iPod owners, called Boom Box.

The suite contains several programs that were already on the market, but were sold separately. The greatest advantage lays in the price, because the total cost of buying each of these applications separately is in the vicinity of $86 or so - so Roxio's bargain-basement price of $49,95 is a very value for all this software. Moreover, the suite also contains Roxio CD Spin Doctor, a program previously available only within the company's CD burning programs.

But let's see what the 5 programs included in Boom Box are all about. CD Spin Doctor is an application for digitizing the tunes in analogue format, either from audio cassettes or vinyl. MusicMagic Mixer is a playlist generator, and Audio Hijack can be used for capturing audio within other applications and also scheduling the recording of Internet radio broadcasts. The suite also contains a podcast subscription management utility, called iPodderX, and also a program for converting text-based files into spoken word audio files using Apple's Text to Speech technology.

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