Rosewill's CES 2013 Plans: Cases, Peripherals and Pretty Lights

Naturally, the company isn't about to pass up on the chance given by the trade show

The Consumer Electronics Show will take place between January 8 and 11, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the USA, and Rosewill is going to make the best of it, having reserved a booth of its own.

CES is the first trade show that takes place in a year. It is a sort of opening salvo meant to offset the drop in product demand that the post-holiday season always brings.

CES 2013 won't be as grand as certain previous sessions, but it will still host many hardware developers.

Rosewill is one of them. The company has issued a press release in which it outlines the product collection that will be on show on its stands.

For one, the THRONE gaming case will be released during the convention, in Black and White and equipped with LED-lit front fans (blue or red).

The enclosure has an angular design and will be displayed alongside the ARMOR Evolution, the first mid-tower with support for E-ATX motherboards.

80 Plus Platinum Power Supplies of up to 1600W will be up for sale alongside the chassis.

In addition to high-end PC enclosures, Rosewill has prepared the RK-9000 and RK-9100 series Mechanical Keyboards and, most importantly, the Helios RK-9200 Dual LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

The Helios has Cherry MX Switches in blue, red, brown, and black, and has green or red LED backlighting.

The WASD keys and 4 directional arrows can light up independently from the rest, in one of five brightness modes.

Other than that, Rosewill has a series of 802.11n Dual Band Networking accessories (L600N wireless router, N900UBE Wireless USB Adapter, etc.), five new 5-8-bay RAID drive enclosures (USB 3.0) and a full gaming PC: Rosewill THRONE, with 3-way NVIDIA GTX 680 SLI and an Intel Core i7-3970x CPU.

Prices and availability details will be disclosed during the show next week.


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