Rose McGowan Surgically Altered Face Is Costing Her Movie Roles

Actress Rose McGowan has made no secret of her fondness for plastic surgery, especially after being involved in a car accident that left her with scars under the eye, where her broken sunglasses cut deep into the skin. However, she may have gone a bit overboard with plastic surgery, a report in the New York Daily News suggests, and it’s costing her her acting career.

The US publication claims McGowan is now virtually unrecognizable and that her entire face is drawn and puffy. While whatever it is that she’s doing to her face is no one’s business but her own, sources close to the star say, it’s sad to see that it’s also costing her her career, as more and more movie studios are starting to back down at the very thought of working with her. Their main problem is but one: they fear audiences will not be able to tell who she is, which means they’re starting on the wrong foot from the get-go.

“Rose McGowan plays a doctor on this season of ‘Nip/Tuck,’ but it appears the actress may have gone under the knife herself. During the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art’s 30th anniversary gala over the weekend, onlookers were shocked to see the barely recognizable actress sporting a taut, puffy face. McGowan, 36, has admitted to having plastic surgery in the past after a frightening car accident in which her sunglasses had smashed onto her face,” the NY Daily News writes.

“Though she has four new movies in the works, McGowan, who recently finished working on ex-fiance Robert Rodriguez’s new movie ‘Machete,’ may want to consider easing up on her changing look. The actress reportedly lost a role to Christina Ricci in 2007’s ‘Speed Racer’ because of her appearance. ‘The studio felt like she was hard to recognize and worried that by the time the movie hit theaters, fans might not know who she was,’ a source told the Daily News at the time,” writes the same publication.

Unfortunately, the same attitude that the movie studio had towards McGowan at the time can still be seen with major studios that are somewhat reluctant to take a chance on her, and it’s only because they can never know how she’s going to look like in a month’s time, the same report says.

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