Root Available for Verizon’s Galaxy Note II

The process is risky and might damage the device if not performed right

Galaxy Note II, one of the most appealing Android-based devices that wireless carrier Verizon has made available for its users, has been up for purchase on its website since November 29 at $299.99 with the signing of a two-year contract agreement.

Starting with December 1, the Samsung smartphone will be even more appealing, especially to those interested in tweaking it as they please.

An XDA-Developers forum member found a solution for rooting the smartphone, and he has already published the method, so that users could easily gain access to more features of their handsets.

As it usually happens with this kind of tweaking, the process is risky and might damage the device if not performed properly.

Furthermore, rooting the smartphone will result in voided warranty, and those interested in taking this step should keep that in mind.

It should also be mentioned that users will be the only ones held responsible should anything go wrong while trying to root the device.

Owners of a Galaxy Note II smartphone on Verizon’s network can root their handsets using Odin, as this thread over at the XDA-Developers explains.

For that, they will need to download Odin and drivers for the smartphone on their PCs, grab a rooted stock Odin image, and then follow the instructions available in the aforementioned thread, which also links to the necessary files.

The process is not as simple as some might have expected, yet those who already have some experience with Odin should have no problem in applying it to Big Red’s Galaxy Note II handset.

The method won’t wipe the data on the smartphone, but it is recommended to perform a backup of all personal files on the device, just to make sure that nothing is lost in the rooting process. However, users are advised to wipe / factory reset the phablet, should any issues emerge after rooting.

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