Romney Gets Vegan Goodies as Consolation Prize from PETA

The organization is happy this Republican appreciates vegan foods

It may very well be that Mitt Romney did not win the presidential elections, but this does not mean that he cannot rejoice at the news that green-oriented organization PETA is about to send him a basket full of vegan goodies.

Apparently, the basket is meant as a “consolation prize” and all of the tasty treats it contains are 100% vegetarian.

PETA's decision to offer Mitt Romney these vegan snacks comes as a result of the Republican's having been seen dining on a vegetarian breakfast burrito.

As well as this, the Romney family supposedly ordered two veggie burgers from a Florida BurgerFi restaurant right before the final presidential debate.

In other words, the Romneys are quite fond of the foods PETA approves of and promotes. Hopefully, the Republican will appreciate PETA's gesture and their being so supportive.

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