Rogue Pharmacy Alert: Facebook Technical Support Has Sent You a Notification

Spammers are trying to lure users to malicious websites

Spammers are trying to lure internauts to rogue pharmacy websites with the aid of emails which purport to come from Facebook.

Hoax Slayer reports that the fake emails appear to come from Facebook Technical Support and they bear the subject “Facebook Technical Support has sent you a notification.”

Users who click on the Go To Facebook button are not taken to the social media website. Instead, they’re directed to a Canadian pharmacy site which offers shady drugs.

Such online pharmacies are not uncommon, but this latest spam campaign proves that the scammers will turn to all sorts of tricks to convince unsuspecting individuals to purchase their products.

As we have said on numerous occasions, buying medicines from such websites is a bad idea. The products could be counterfeit or even potentially dangerous substitutes.

In some cases, the crooks try to harvest personal and financial information or spread pieces of malware.

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