Rock the Earth Honors Linkin Park, Their Concern for the Environment

The band have proven time and time again that they are passionate about the environment

This April 24, Linkin Park were honored by green oriented group Rock the Earth for their concern towards the environment and their doing their best to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Look to the Stars says that the band were chosen to be this year's winners of the Planet Defender Awards because of their proving that being passionate about music and being passionate about environmental protection can and should go hand in hand.

For those unaware, it was back in 2005 when the band rolled out a charity known as Music for Relief.

Since then, Linkin Park have succeeded in raising a whopping $5 million (€3.84 million) for people whose livelihoods are threatened by climate change-induced natural disasters.

James Hansen and Caroline Cannon were also presented with a Planet Defender Award each.

“While every day is Earth Day for those of us working to protect the planet, today we honor Linkin Park, James Hansen and Caroline Cannon with the 2013 Planet Defender Awards and thank them for their shared commitment to the environment and our future,” stated Marc Ross, the current executive director of non-profit organization Rock the Earth.

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