Rock Band Coming to Australia

EA finally decided to bring the game there

Australians sure are having a rough time with games – always being forced to wait longer for a game to be officially launched there must be really annoying. If you have a friend in Europe or North America, things are even more frustrating because, at least from my point of view, hearing how good a game is and not being able to play it isn't one of my personal dreams.

Such is the case with the immensely popular Rock Band, which, after almost a year since its launch in other territories, is now coming to Australia, with November 7 as the date the players there will get their hands on the popular music game.

Considering that Rock Band 2 has also been launched, the announcement made by Electronic Arts, the publisher of the game, sounds a bit like an attempt to get rid of the old stuff, but rest assured because Australians will be very happy to finally get the chance to play Rock Band.

The prices announced are 100 Australian Dollars for the standalone game on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, 90 for the Wii and 70 for the PlayStation 2, whereas the full instrument bundle comes at a respectable 250 Australian Dollars. Furthermore, the Rock Band store will also open a local branch and offer over 200 songs to download when the game hits the shelves.

For those of you who don't know yet, the team behind Rock Band thought that a music game shouldn't be constricted to the guitar. Other instruments could also be played, therefore, it gave its customers the opportunity to play, besides the guitar, also drums and vocals, each through their own dedicated peripherals.

The game enjoyed a lot of success and now it is a serious contender to Activision's Guitar Hero, having launched a sequel a few days ago for the Xbox 360. Other console owners need to wait until October, for the PS3, or November, for the Wii and PS2.

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