Rock Band and BioShock Creators Bring Dreadline to Kickstarter

The game will mix RTS and RPG mechanics with a monster theme

A new studio called Eerie Canal, made up of developers who worked on such titles like Freedom Force, Bioshock, Titan Quest and Rock Band, is asking gamers to pledge via Kickstarter in order to allow them to create a new game called Dreadline.

The title is set to mix elements taken from role-playing and from real-time strategy games and will inject frantic pace into tired old mechanics.

The main character of Dreadline is Ghost, a troubled 8-year-old boy who is saved by a group of monsters and then gets access to advanced time travel technology from an alien.

The players will control Ghost and three monsters as they revisit a number of high profile catastrophes from the past in order to kill the already doomed humans before they die of natural causes.

The Eerie Canal team states, “Each playable monster will have a unique and crazy skill set. We have a cool new interface for controlling your monsters, an insanely competitive leaderboard system for keeping stats so you can compete with friends, and an awesome new game engine that makes the game look unlike anything else out there.”

All the members of the team were initially interested in creating a small game experience quickly in order to prove their design and development abilities.

The scope of the Dreadline’s idea grew too much during the year that the team worked on it and they are now asking for Kickstarter funding in order to realize their vision and deliver the finished experience to gamers.

Eerie Games is asking for 167,000 dollars (126,000 Euro) from the public and those who like the idea have more than 27 days to contribute.

At the moment, the project has under 100 backers and it will need a major push in order to get the funding it requires.

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