Robolinux Xfce 7.6.1 Will "Blow Windows Users' Minds" – Gallery

A new Robolinux flavor is now available for download

Robolinux Xfce 7.6.1, a fast and easy to use Linux distribution based on Debian, has been released and the developer thinks that it will really impress Windows users.

The Robolinux developer doesn’t hide the fact that he's interested in the Windows audience and he is targeting those particular users with this Linux distribution. Sure enough, regular Linux users can also take advantage of the distro, but the OS features a few options that should only prove interesting if you are already running a Microsoft product.

Robolinux is best known for a feature called Stealth VM Software, which allows users to create a clone of a Windows operating system with all the installed programs and updates. This would allow potential users to switch to a Linux environment and continue to use their favorite Windows-only applications, although there is a performance penalty.

It's easy to understand why Robolinux Xfce kept this feature, but now the developer says that the OS is even faster, especially due to the new desktop environment.

"Robolinux XFCE V7.6.1 is extremely optimized, using only 140 MB RAM in full composite video. It is very stable and has been fully tested for months. It doesn't require a Video driver to be installed when running in full composite Graphics mode, (Which is the default)."

"If you are a Windows User this new streamlined Linux OS will blow your mind because it's so fast, super easy to use and highly reliable! Best of all it runs your favorite Windows Apps natively with its built in Stealth VM Software so you don't have to worry about Windows viruses ever again!," say the developers in the official announcement.

According to the changelog, the developer has implemented a number of important packages, such as the Dolphin and Thunar file managers, video codecs, Amarok, K3B, KadenLive Video Editor, Plex Media Server, Google Earth, OpenVPN, VirtualBox, Silverlight Emulator for Netflix, Firefox 30, Google Chrome, Thunderbird V24.4, Pidgin (fully encrypted) Giglio, Skype, LibreOffice, Kazaam, Gparted, and proprietary NVIDIA and AMD drivers.

More details about the Stealth VM Software and Robolinux can be found in the official changelog. Also, you can download Robolinux 7.6.5 Xfce right now for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

It's recommended that you first try this distribution in a virtual environment, like VirtualBox for example, before committing to the installation. If you find a use for the Stealth VM Software, please make sure that you leave a comment below and tell us if it works as advertised.


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