Robolinux 7.5.3 OS Wants to Keep You Safe from NSA

The latest version of Robolinux can be downloaded from Softpedia

Robolinux 7.5.3 is a fast and easy to use Linux distribution based on Debian, and its developer thinks that it can be the solution for people who look to protect their privacy.

If you remember from previous releases of Robolinux, the developer of this particular distribution came up with a working idea on how to move people from the Windows platform to Linux without them having to give up their favorite applications.

Robolinux is using a piece of technology called Stealth VM Software, which allows users to create a clone of a Windows Operating System with all the installed programs and updates. It should work, in theory, but there isn't enough feedback to see how good this particular solution really is.

Now, the developer of Robolinux is going after another problem and he says that he fixed the privacy issue and that people shouldn't be afraid of NSA any longer. These are big words and his statements can be judged by users.

“Announcing Global Private Internet Access For All of Your Internet Devices! Protect Your Privacy & Say Goodbye to the NSA! Also Stops ISP Torrent Throttling! Now you can protect Your PC, laptop, Phone, Tablet, TV & Gaming console too! In fact anything you own that is connected to the internet can now be protected with just one VPN Account!” These are just a few of his claims.

According to the changelog, a Robolinux VPN has been added and it’s integrated to a Global Private Internet Access Provider (he doesn't say which one), the Lucky Backup application has been added, the 64-bit version has a new kernel from Debian upstream, and the Linux distribution now has its own updates repository, so users no longer need to uninstall and reinstall Robolinux when new versions come out.

The previous functionality of Robolinux, with the Stealth VM, has remained in place and users should be able to run Windows XP or Windows 7 inside the operating system.

One of the reasons the developer of Robolinux chose this solution is that Microsoft decided to stop the support for Windows XP, which meant that users relying on applications running on that system could no longer employ them safely.

Wine is not considered an appropriate solution by the Robolinux devs, so a new piece of software has been integrated to help Windows users migrate more easily to a Linux system. Whether this is a successful Linux distro or not remains to be seen.

More details about the Stealth VM Software and Robolinux can be found in the official changelog. Also, you can download Robolinux 7.5.3 right now from Softpedia.

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