Robert De Niro Tears Up on Katie Talking Bi-Polar Disorder – Video

Star promotes “Silver Linings Playbook,” gets a bit too emotional

Robert De Niro is appreciated and loved by millions for his talent, his dedication, his art. As of today, fans will also love him for showing he’s a big softie inside.

The actor and co-star Bradley Cooper and “Silver Linings Playbook” director David O. Russell were on Katie the other day to promote the film, when De Niro got incredibly emotional.

Check out the video below.

In the film, the icon plays the father of Cooper’s character, who struggles with severe bi-polar disorder. The project is one close to Russell’s heart.

“Did you feel a greater responsibility about doing a film that David had so much personally invested in?” Katie asked De Niro.

“Of course, I uhm – I understand. I don’t like to get emotional, but I know exactly what he goes through,” the legendary actor says after trying – and failing – to overcome his tears.

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