Robert Rodriguez to Direct Deadpool Spinoff

Fox and the director are in active negotiations for the job

Even before the first X-Men spinoff, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” was out, Ryan Reynolds was dropping hints to left and right that he’d soon reprise his role as Wade Wilson aka Deadpool for a new film. For a while there, all rumors ceased to circulate, which indicated the latter flick was either stuck in production limbo or not happening at all anymore.

The Los Angeles Times has the scoop on which is which – and it’s bound to bring a smile to the faces of all those who’d been asking for more X-Men movies. Not only is Fox going ahead with plans for a Deadpool film, but it’s even looking to get Robert Rodriguez to direct it, which in itself would be pretty awesome if it came true. As word on dedicated forums has it, it looks like Fox was more than pleased about what Rodriguez did with the “Predator” reboot, “Predators.”

“It’s been dizzying to follow the will-he-or-won’t-he reports about Robert Rodriguez directing ‘Deadpool,’ the Ryan Reynolds X-Men spinoff. Reports last month that Rodriguez had been offered the director’s chair on ‘Deadpool’ met with a swirl of speculation and / or denials from the filmmaker’s camp as well as studio Fox. (The most anyone would agree to is that Rodriguez had been sent Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick’s script.),” the LA Times writes.

“But we’re hearing that after a few weeks of dancing, Rodriguez and studio Fox are negotiating. There’s no deal yet, and the sides need to agree on a number of key points, but it’s moved beyond the casual discussion stage and into the more substantive realm of deal points. Rodriguez is making ‘Spy Kids 4,’ which itself comes after he finished the exploitation action picture ‘Machete,’ but would be looking for a big movie and one that can be marketed into a hit. As for the picture itself, the mouthy Marvel mercenary would entail violence and comedy in equal measure, and Rodriguez has been adept at combining the two,” the publication goes on to say.

Since Rodriguez and actor Danny Trejo are known to share quite a unique bond, with the latter starring in many of the former’s films – and to brilliant results, one may as well add – having Trejo for a cameo in Deadpool would not be that far-fetched, the same source says. Specifics of the Deadpool movie are not yet available but do make sure to keep an eye on this space for when they emerge.

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