Robert Redford Blogs About the Arkansas Oil Spill

This spill is proof enough that the Keystone pipeline project must not get approval

In the aftermath of the Arkansas pipeline oil spill, several celebrities have seized the opportunity of using this incident as a means to draw attention to the dangers posed by the Keystone XL project.

One of the latest public figures to comment on said spill and the Keystone XL pipeline is Robert Redford, who has recently blogged for Huffington Post and argued that what has happened in Arkansas has to serve as a red flag and help keep the Keystone XL project from being approved.

“The Pegasus rupture in Arkansas is another red flag. We’ve had a lot of these red flags lately that show us what a raw deal tar sands is and we ignore them at our peril,” the actor wrote in his blog post.

“How many red flags do we need before we realize that the solution is to stop tar sands expansion and say no to tar sands pipelines? I think we’ve seen enough,” he later added.

From where I stand, his views on the Arkansas oil spill and the Keystone XL pipeline are not all that different from those of Ian Somerhalder.

Robert Redford's blog is made available in its entirety here.

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