Robert Pattinson, Jimmy Fallon Get into Water Fight – Video

Handsome “Twilight” star gets soaking wet, gets even with Fallon immediately

Even though he can be notoriously awkward in interviews, something to which he owns up as well, Robert Pattinson always has a good time when he’s on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Check out the videos below if you don’t believe me.

The two clips are of Pattinson telling music anecdotes and promoting the upcoming and final “Twilight” installment, “Breaking Dawn Part 2,” and, somehow, none of it feels forced anymore.

Just as fun was the segment in which Fallon and Pattinson played a (totally made-up) game called Water Wars, in which the guy who drew the smaller card had to take a glass of water to the face.

Robert lost a round but, when Fallon did as well, he made sure he got his revenge. That video is above and, unfortunately, of poorer quality.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again: regardless of his involvement with “Twilight” or his merits as an actor, Pattinson always delivers when he’s doing live interviews.


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