Robert Pattinson Is Insecure About His Body, Says Report

He's trying to quit smoking and he's already gained some weight

There's no denying that the Robert Pattinson we saw on the beach the other week is fuller than the Robert Pattinson we saw in “Breaking Dawn Part 1.” The British actor is trying to quit smoking but he's not happy at all about gaining weight.

At least, that's what a new report cited by Hollywood Life would have us believe.

He's never been the muscly type, but Robert was always slender, especially in the “Twilight” movies where he also had to take off his shirt for a couple of scenes.

At the same time, Pattinson has never lied about how much he loves food, particularly the sugary or fatty ones.

All that and his laudable efforts at quitting smoking have added a few pounds to his frame – not that any of his fans are complaining.

He's not happy with it, the report claims.

“A source tells Us Weekly that Rob was 'upset' after photos emerged of him without a shirt. The Twilight actor was caught paddle-boarding in Malibu on March 30 wearing only his swim trunks,” Hollywood Life writes.

The spy insists that Pattinson only got upset because he's feeling a bit “insecure” right now about his looks.

“He’s really insecure about his shirt being off. Rob had a team of makeup artists working on his stomach to make it appear as if he had a six-pack,” the insider explains.

“He’s trying to cut back [smoking],” admits the source. This alone would explain the almost unnoticeable weight gain.

In other Robert Pattinson-related news, he's about to break free from his sparkly vampire image in almost no time, once the David Cronenberg-directed “Cosmopolis” is out at the end of May.

In the film, which has already seen the release of a steamy teaser trailer, Pattinson plays a millionaire playboy who goes on a rampage in Manhattan in the course of a single night.

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