Robert Pattinson Is Bothered by Thanksgiving – Jimmy Fallon Parody

Bothered Robert is back and yes, he’s still very much bothered by a lot of things

Unless you’re not a fan of Jimmy Fallon, there’s no way you’re not familiar with Bothered Robert Pattinson (“Robert Is Bothered” by its officially name), a skit he’s been doing for years. Above is the latest installment in this never-ending and totally hilarious saga.

Just because you happen to love Thanksgiving and all it entails doesn’t mean that Robert has to as well. In fact, as the video above will show, he totally hates it.

Robert (Fallon in a lot of makeup, questionable wig and Pattinson’s coat from the first “Twilight” film) got up in his tree again to rant about the things that bother him.

Thanksgiving is stupid and, if you think about it, a bit unsanitary as well, while Black Friday, the next day after the holiday, totally racist. He’d like to understand both but he can’t – because he’s too bothered!

Check out the video above. Perhaps my favorite part is Fallon’s description of Pattinson: “That guy is one succulent piece of poultry.” You don’t say.

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